Motivating Public Mitigation and Preparedness for Earthquakes and Other Hazards

Mileti DS, Bourque LB, Wood MM, Kano M. Journal of Hazard Mitigation and Risk Assessment. 2011; Spring: 25-31.

Many social science research publications report on findings from research about what correlates with public preparedness and mitigation actions across a range of different hazards in different places and locations (cf. Lindell and Perry 2000). By far, most of these report on the results of studies conducted in California on the earthquake hazard. FIGURE 1, adapted from Wood et al., 2009, lists the categories of public actions that people can take to get ready.

Even more publications report on other societal earthquake-related topics studied in California, for example, the public response to actual earthquake disasters, household and organizational responses by public and private organizations to earthquake predictions and forecasts, and much more. The references provided in this document refer to some of these publications but not to all of them.