Faculty Recruitment and Engagement in Academic-Practice Partnerships

Needleman J, Bowman CC, Finley PD, Wyte-Lake T, Dobalian A. Nursing Ed Persp. Nov/Dec2014; 35(6): 372-379. doi: 10.5480/13-1234 .

AIM: This study examines how prior teaching experience and academic training are associated with teaching roles, level of desired support, and satisfaction with the VA Nursing Academy (VANA).

BACKGROUND: In 2007, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) created VANA, funding partnerships between schools of nursing and VA health care facilities, in response to projections for a severe shortage of registered nurses.

METHOD: We conducted annual surveys with nurse faculty from partnership sites in 2011 (n = 133) and 2012 (n = 74).

RESULTS: Faculty reporting that VANA provided the right amount of support for curriculum development (p = .03) and teaching (p = .02) were more likely to report being very satisfied with VANA overall than those who did not.

CONCLUSION: Models of academic-clinical partnerships that expand faculty can be successful. It is important that inexperienced faculty have training and support as they take on new teaching roles.

Key Words: Academic-Service Partnerships; Clinical Education ; New Faculty Mentoring