VEMEC’s research focuses on business continuity and community preparedness and response. We have particular knowledge and experience in applying these concepts to healthcare systems. Our investigators are experts in medicine, nursing, public health, economics, engineering, education, law, operations research, management science, and many other disciplines. This expertise allows us to bring a unique multidisciplinary approach to understand and resolve today’s challenging emergency management problems. We actively work with communities both within and outside the U.S. to develop, test, and disseminate best practices, and thereby strengthen the resilience of communities across the globe.

VEMEC also collaborates with outside researchers and practitioners who share our goal of developing best practices in emergency management. We welcome and encourage potential collaborators to reach out to us. If you would like to explore opportunities to work with VEMEC, please contact us.

Case Study: Evacuating a Tertiary Care Hospital before Superstorm Sandy