Advisory Services

When the next hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or other unexpected disaster strikes, would your organization be able to maintain or rapidly restore its operations? Maintaining the continuity of your business benefits not only your organization, but also your staff, your suppliers, your clients, and the communities you serve.

VEMEC helps businesses like yours strengthen their preparedness and response plans to ensure they can effectively and efficiently protect against, respond to, and recover from disasters. We bring a unique blend of empirical knowledge, analytical ability, and multidisciplinary expertise to provide individualized, practical solutions to complex emergency management problems.

Our assessment, planning, training, and validation services are focused on developing monitoring and evaluation metrics and optimizing an organization’s emergency management resources to minimize risk and mitigate losses. We draw upon our knowledge and experience to develop customized, evidence-based solutions for a wide range of private sector, governmental, and non-profit entities. We translate research into practice by realizing scientific findings through real-world applications.

Case study: Measuring Hospital Readiness