Center History

The Veterans Emergency Management Evaluation Center (VEMEC) is part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VEMEC was established to expand the evidence base in emergency management, and to help VA implement best practices and strengthen its capabilities. VEMEC’s work bolsters VA’s ability to care for our Nation’s Veterans during disasters and to assist state and local communities during emergencies.

As an integrated healthcare delivery system spanning Maine to the Philippines, or almost 1/3 of the planet, VA is a surge capacity resource both domestically and internationally. Since the 1950’s, VA has been responding to disasters and contributing personnel, pharmaceuticals, supplies, and support to help those in need during emergencies. In 1982, VA’s emergency management responsibilities were codified and have expanded greatly since that time. In 2010, the VA Office of Public Health established VEMEC in recognition of the opportunity and need for VA to serve as a laboratory to build the emergency management evidence base for the nation and the world.

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